Lockly Plus Deadbolt Install Manual

This manual will break down the steps to easily install your Lockly Plus deadbolt onto your home door. 


To complete installation, you would need the following: 

Prepare door and remove existing lock. If necessary, use provided Installation Template to prepare door.

Step 1: Adjust Deadbolt and Install

Deadbolt slot must align to the center of the door hole. Adjust as shown if needed.
The deadbolt comes set to 2-3/4″ (70mm). Adjust length to 2-3/8” (60mm) if necessary. (wear gloves to protect from possible pinching).

Extend the deadbolt by inserting a flat-head screwdriver into the slot and turning clockwise.

Insert the deadbolt into mortise flush with door edge, make sure that the right side is up and the slot is in the vertical position. Secure with 2 K screws.

Step 2: Installing the Exterior Assembly

To secure Exterior Assembly of lock, peel the cover off the adhesive strips
*This hole (O) is for the optional Slotted Barrel Extension provided for stabilizing your lock. It will require drilling extra hole on your door (See template as provided). Alternatively, you may use the double-sided adhesive tape provided which serves the same purpose if you do not want to drill a hole. If you drilled a hole, securely tighten the post with a flathead screwdriver by turning it clockwise before mounting on your door.
Peel film from adhesive strips and make sure torque blade is in the vertical position with the deadbolt extended. Place assembly and torque blade through the deadbolt slot and guide connection cables through the cross-bore hole under the deadbolt as shown. Complete mounting by aligning and securing until flush to exterior door surface.

Step 3: Installing the Interior Assembly

1: Check interior mounting plate (K) alignment to your door hole before securing with adhesive strips.

2: Align and secure mounting plate with adhesive strips. Guide connection cables through the hole and secure to the lower left notched hole.

3: Insert and tighten by hand 2 G screws located on the left and right of the blade. Check alignment and tighten with screwdriver until mounting plate is securely placed on door.

4: Use the key to ensure deadbolt locks and unlocks smoothly (no binding or rubbing). IMPORTANT: when finished, leave the deadbolt extended and remove the key before proceeding to the next step.

TIP: when installing screws by hand, turn screws clockwise several turns then counterclockwise one turn to ensure smooth threading and no cross threading.
Plug the cable coming through mounting plate D into the interior assembly F as shown. Tuck cable under eyelet hooks and route to the right on interior assembly F.

Before placing the interior assembly onto the mount- ing plate, ensure the thumb turn is vertical.

Place the interior assembly against the mounting plate and make sure the torque blade is inserted to the thumb turn shaft.

Secure the interior assembly to mount platedoor with
2 I screws.

Step 4: Installing Batteries

1: With door open and deadbolt fully extended, place ribbon inside compartment and insert 3 batteries only (hold on inserting the 4th) in bottom row (note correct -/+ polarity). 2: Press and HOLD the program button, continue to hold and install the 4th battery. The lock will automatically start self-check (release program button once check starts). The self-check process determines right or left swinging door and is very important to ensure correct installation. IMPORTANT: if lock is not properly installed it will open and close repeatedly.
3: Once self-check completes ensure the lock operates smoothly by manually locking and unlocking the door using the thumb turn on the interior assembly. The deadbolt should operate smoothly without any interference or binding. If necessary, repeat step 2 and ensure that (a) the deadbolt was extended and (b) the torque blade was inserted vertically while the deadbolt was extended.

4: Swipe your hand across the touch screen keypad, the lock should close (lock). If deadbolt bounces back or unlocks automatically it means something is not installed correctly. Go back and repeat step 2, same as above.

5. Once self-check is complete, install remaining 4 batteries and battery cover (H), secure with screw on top (do not over tighten).

Step 5: Installing Door Strike

Use the supplied door strike or use your existing as long as deadbolt operates smoothly without binding or catching.
IMPORTANT: because doors and frames vary in design it may be necessary to make slight adjustments to your strike plate and/or dust box in order to ensure smooth deadbolt operation. This is very important. If the deadbolt is binding or catching in any way the lock will sound an alarm (rapid beeping) indicating it cannot close due to misalignment and/or excessive rubbing or binding.

Step 6: Download Lockly App

Congratulations! You have completed the LOCKLY Secure physical lock installation. To complete your setup, download the LOCKLY app from the iOS or Google Play app Store and follow on-screen instructions.

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