Easily Program Remote/Fob – Chevrolet Impala

Slide Key Into Ignition: Without starting the vehicle, turn the vehicle on to ACC mode. Enter Programming Mode – Step 1: Press the “i” button on the dash twice Enter Programming Mode – Step 2: Once you see “Program Remotes” on the instrument cluster, click the check button below the “i”. Program Remote: Once the … Read more

How to Unlock: 2005 GMC Sierra

Have you locked the keys inside of your GMC Sierra? This is a how to unlock 2005 GMC Sierra with no keys when you are locked out.Professional technique and instruction video for unlocking a GMC Sierra using lockout tools. Step 1: Slide your airbag into the door jam. Start at the top of the door … Read more

Weiser PowerBolt 2 Manual

Installation and User Guide Prepare the door and check dimensions If drilling a new door, use the supplied template and the completedoor drilling instructions available at Measure to confirm that the hole inthe door is either 2-1/8″ (54 mm) or 1-1/2″ (38 mm). Measure to confirm that the backset iseither 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ (60 … Read more

Schlage FE695 Manual

Installation Instructions Schlage Keyless Touchscreen Lever [FE695] Keyless Touchscreen Lever Prepare for Installation Tools Needed Phillips screwdriver, #1 and #2 bits Tape Measure Pencil Optional Flathead Screwdriver Wood Block Hammer IMPORTANT NOTESDO NOT use a power drill for installation! Install and test lock with door open to avoid being locked out. A Check door dimensions. … Read more

most used lishi tools

Lishi Tools You Must Have: Top 10

How to Figure Out Which Lishi Tools to Buy First? If you are just starting to get into automotive locksmithing, lishi tools are going to be a very useful tool you need to purchase. They can be expensive and there is so many to choose from. When I started off, I could not reason the … Read more

lishi lock picking

How To Pick a Lock: Lishi Tool Basics

Light Tension Be sure to follow this guide to properly prepare your lock for a lishi tool. After your lock is prepped and your tool is inserted into the lock, the lishi tool is fairly easy to learn. First you want to take your left hand and apply light tension on the tension handle. Many … Read more

Lishi Lock Preparation

Clean Out Lock Before Lishi Picking

Why Should You Clean Lock Before Lishi Picking? It is necessary to clean the a lock before inserting your lishi tool for a couple reasons. The first being that it is much harder on your lishi tool causing more wear and tear if you attempt to pick a dirty lock. The picking tips are very … Read more

What are the numbers stamped on keys?

The numbers on keys can mean a couple different things and it is important your are familiar with these. In some cases the numbers are a way to identify which key blank you have. But in a lot of cases the 5-6 digit number can be the DNA to your key. Why is it important … Read more