Easily Program Remote/Fob – Chevrolet Impala

  1. Slide Key Into Ignition: Without starting the vehicle, turn the vehicle on to ACC mode.
  2. Enter Programming Mode – Step 1: Press the “i” button on the dash twice
  3. Enter Programming Mode – Step 2: Once you see “Program Remotes” on the instrument cluster, click the check button below the “i”.
  4. Program Remote: Once the display says “PUSH FOB”, PRESS and HOLD the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons together. When your hear the car chime, the vehicle has successfully entered the new remote/fob.
  5. Program Additional Remotes: Follow step 4 to program any additional remotes including existing ones.
  6. Test Remotes: Once finished, turn the vehicle off and test all remotes. Programming is complete.

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